PET of brain amyloid load with dedicated radiopharmaceuticals (18F-Fluorbetaben, 18F- Flutemetamol)

What is it?

PET allows to measure cerebral amyloid deposits using radiopharmaceuticals which bind specifically to amyloid plaques, thus evaluating their presence and volume. Research studies have shown that the lack of cerebral amyloid excludes the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, however, they have also shown that amyloid deposits can be present in the brain also in other neurological disorders and in physiological aging, so its presence not a relevant diagnostic feature.

When is this exam indicated?

PET examination for the evaluation of cerebral amyloid is recommended in cases where the diagnosis remains uncertain after CT and / or MRI examinations, FDG PET, in patients with: mild cognitive impairment (MCI), MCI with atypical symptoms, suspected Alzheimer's dementia, cognitive decline or dementia with presenile onset < 65 years of age and finally in patients with focal syndromes such as aphasia, apraxia, corticobasal syndrome. It is recommended in the differential diagnosis between Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal spectrum disease.

  • Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
  • Suspected Alzheimer's disease

How is it performed?

The preparation for the examination does not include any fasting, but a light breakfast is recommended. The examination is not recommended for patients who are not able to maintain a supine position and immobility for at least 20 minutes, that is obtained with the help of restraint systems which are not constrictive but make the patient's posture comfortable by using an orbito-meatal line in order to standardize the positioning of the head. The duration of the examination is about 120 minutes, 90 minutes of which are spent waiting in a quiet room, after the administration of the radiopharmaceutical, followed by 20 minutes of image acquisition by PET tomograph.


  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation (suspension of breastfeeding for 24 h)
  • Inability of the patient to be cooperative during the procedure.

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