Lower limbs X-ray

What is it?

The most common examination in anticipation of lengthening surgery is teleradiography of the lower limbs. This examination allows to study the anatomical and mechanical axis of the lower limbs, assess any deviations and rotational defects and possible dysmetria, allowing to set a pre-surgery planning appropriate for each patient and highlight possible difficulties in execution.

When is this exam indicated?

This examination is fundamental before any lengthening surgery. In the post-operative period and in the various monitoring phases, standard X-rays are taken in two projections of the single bone segment involved. This allows us to evaluate the state of bone solidification and that the lengthening is proceeding correctly. Upon removal of the fixator, a final control X-ray is performed.

How is it performed?

Lower extremity teleradiography is performed in orthostasis on a single radiogram. This means that the lower limbs X-ray must be performed in a standing position with the patient's feet closely joined. The image thus obtained must show pelvis and lower limbs in full. In this way it is possible to perform, with appropriate instruments, useful measurements for pre-operative planning (length of skeletal segments, axis, etc.).


There are no absolute contraindications to this examination. Appropriate radiation protection devices are always applied in consideration of the patients' age and the need to perform numerous examinations in the various stages of radiological monitoring.

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