3D Mammography (Breast Tomosynthesis)

What is it?

For some years now, devices have been in use that acquire the mammogram with a particular technique called Tomosynthesis, which, combined with computer reprocessing, allows to obtain not 2D but 3D images. This technique has recently been performed on thousands of women around the world and has resulted in a better evaluation of the breast with a consequent increase in the sensitivity of the examination, i.e. a better ability to detect the tumor. For this reason it is likely that in the coming years it will replace the 2D digital mammography. At our Center, there 2 mammography units, both are equipped with Tomosynthesis.

When is this exam indicated?

The recommendations for the examination are the same as for mammography.   

How is it performed?

Similar to 2D mammography.



Where do we treat it?

At GSD you can find Exams specialists at these departments:

Are you interested in receiving the treatment?

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