Matteo Longhi



Dr. Matteo Longhi is the Head of the Department of Rheumatology at the Ospedale Galeazzi - Sant'Ambrogio in Milan. He studied at the Universities of Pavia and Ferrara. He graduated from the University of Pavia with a degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1986, specialized in internal medicine in 1995, and in the city of Este - in rheumatology in 1989.

Throughout his career, he has been engaged in rheumatological diseases, with a special focus on laboratory diagnostics of autoimmune diseases. From 2003 to 2006, he taught at the Department of Rheumatology at the Milan State University. His clinical research focuses on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and spondyloarthritis, as well as osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases.

Has taken part in over 200 national and international symposia on rheumatology and immunology, he is the author of 56 articles in print media and materials for congresses. He is the member of the Italian Society of Rheumatology (SIR), Italian Society for Osteoporosis, Mineral Metabolism and Skeletal Diseases (SIOMMMS), Italian Group for the Study of Diseases of Bones (GISMO) and Italian Society for a Unified and Interdisciplinary Approach to the Management of Musculoskeletal Pain and Algodystrophy (G.U.I.D.A.).


University of Pavia

Degree in Medicine and Surgery – 1986

Ferrara University

Specialization in Rheumatology – 1989

University of Milan

Specialization in Internal Medicine – 1995

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