Laura Perico


Dr. Laura Perico is an orthopedic surgeon in the II Operational Department of Knee Joint Surgery and Arthroscopic Surgery of the IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi.

In 2003, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and then, in 2008, she received a postgraduate diploma in orthopedics and traumatology with top marks and honors at the University of Milan.

Participated in more than 50 national and international training courses and conferences, also as a speaker and co-speaker on minimally invasive and reconstructive knee replacement surgery.

She is a member of the "Rapid Recovery" committee in prosthetic surgery at the scientific society "Italian Society of Arthroscopy - Knee - Upper Limb - Sports - Cartilage-Orthopedic Technologies" (SIAGASCOT).

Developed special skills in:

  • arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery of knee ligaments;
  • regenerative medicine of joints (PRP, growth factors, mesenchymal cells);
  • single-component (minimally invasive) knee replacement;
  • hip and knee joint prosthetics with a special emphasis on rapid postoperative recovery.

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