Gianluca Taccagni



Gianluca Taccagni is a Senior Pathologist of Department of Diagnostic Pathology in San Raffaele Research Hospital in Milan, Italy, and Area Coordinator of Gynecological Pathology Unit.

His main research fields include neoplastic lesions and functional disease of the female genital tract with an accurate knowledge of ultrastructural pathology and electronic microscopy and a remarkable experience in histologic and cytologic diagnosis of ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer as well as gestational trophoblastic disease. 

In his 40 years career has made over 500 annual diagnosis appearing in more than 300 publications on gynecological oncology, breast pathology, soft tissues and bone lesions figuring out also as former reviewer of many important scientific journal belonging to Current Contents-Life Sciences. He has been ordinary member of European Society of PathologyInternational Academy of Pathology (Italian Division), European Microbeam Analysis Society and Italian Society of Electronic Microscopy.

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