Strengthening services provided by the Comboni Hospital in Wau in its clinical and educational responsibilities


South Sudan
Cooperation years:
Host country's participants:
Comboni Hospital, Ministry of Health and Catholic Health Training Institute
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation
Implementing agency:

Project Aim

Expand and improve health services of the Comboni Hospital in Wau that are considered priorities by local health authorities and by hospital management: polyclinic services, maternal and child health services, maintenance and supervision/management.

Background of the Project

This project was designed to contribute to the improvement access to the health service by upgrading in the capacity of assistance to the population of South Sudan, also to prevent migration flows migratory flows out of the country and improve the living living conditions of internally displaced persons. In particular, it aims at increasing the number of women and children visited per year. It is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

Objectives achieved

The project's activities have made possible to increase the number of diagnostic and treatment services offered by the Hospital: 96,349 in 2018, 95.218 in 2019 and 25.452 during the first months of 2020 . Technical assistance and training of local nursing, obstetrics and gynecology staff was done. Clinical services in the maternal and child area have also increased: 45.232 pre-natal care in 2018 and 42.252 in 2019 and 2.136 during the first months of 2020. The number of vaccinations also increased. Maintenance work were also carried out during the first and second year of the project. 263 health staff of the Hospital were trained: structured nurses, assistant nurses, nurse aid and midwives. Information courses on COVID-19 were kept to 132 health, administrative and auxiliary staff of the Hospital. Equipment, medicines, consumables and non-medical materials were delivered. Sponsorship of 9 nursing scholarships and 4 obstetric scholarships at the Comboni Hospital. One laboratory created for the maintenance of biomedical equipment and installations. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were elaborated and employed.
Development a 5-year strategic plan for structural and organizational/functional development of the hospital.


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