Thigh lift

What is it?

The thigh lift surgery is aimed at slimming and firming the legs by reducing excess skin and also giving a more muscular appearance to the inner thigh by improving the appearance of the thigh epidermis.

Average duration of the intervention:
1-3 hours
Average duration of hospitalization:
Day Surgery

When is this procedure indicated?

When there are adipocutaneous excesses or only in the upper inner portion of the thigh, thus being able to perform a thigh minilifting, or if there are important adipocutaneous excesses not only in the upper part of the thigh but also along the entire inner side up to the knees, performing instead a complete thigh lift to make the most harmonious effect possible.

How is it performed?

It is a surgical procedure that can be performed under spinal / general anesthesia, with a duration ranging from about 1 to 3 hours. The incision starts from the groin medially up to the inner knee in some cases, or when possible limit the scar to the inguinal fold, thus obtaining the reduction of the circumferential width of the thigh and removing excess skin. Together with the thigh lift, a selective liposuction can be performed to enhance the thickness of the thigh itself.




Social life and working activity can be resumed after about 2-3 weeks avoiding physical exertion.

Where do we treat it?

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