Surgical treatment of entropion

What is it?

It is possible to correct the entropion by re-tensioning the eyelid that appears lax, through everted points in the early stages, instead it is more recommended to perform the removal of an eyelid wedge to full thickness and excess skin, or through lateral canthoplasty such as "tarsal strip", or using a tab of lower eyelid tissue and lateral eyelid reposition of the same tab at the lateral bone angle thus obtaining the re-tensioning of the eyelid

Average duration of the intervention:
30-45 min
Average duration of hospitalization:
Day surgery - 1 night stay

When is this procedure indicated?

Epiphora (hyperlacrimation), corneal keratitis, mucosization of the tarsal rim, verticalization of the lacrimal dot.


How is it performed?

It is generally performed under local anesthesia and lasts about 30-45 minutes. Surgery varies by case, from the removal of only a small portion of the tarsal to more extensive surgeries such as the tarsal strip. The scarring outcome consists of a short scar pathway just below the ciliary rim. In the initial forms of entropion, the eyelid inversion can be temporarily corrected by means of an everting suture, which allows to postpone the surgery for about a year and a half.



Immediately after surgery, the eyelashes no longer rub against the eyeball, so there is an immediate benefit for the patient. The patient will have a dressing covering the eye for one day, and the very thin stitches will be removed after about 4-5 days. For 7 days after surgery, the patient should take an antibiotic in tablets and eye drops. The eyelid will become swollen and bluish and may stay that way for about 3-4 weeks.

Short-term complications



Where do we treat it?

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