Surgical excision of keloids

What is it?

Under local anesthesia, the part of the skin with the keloid is surgically incised and removed. Then, the skin is sutured with plastic surgery techniques to decrease the aesthetic impact of the scar.

Technical difficulty:
Average duration of the intervention:
depends on the size of the keloid
Average duration of hospitalization:
depends on the size of the scar

When is this procedure indicated?

In case of particularly large or extensive keloids, that do not flatten with previous topical corticosteroid treatments in occlusion, or when located in particular anatomical areas (eg ear lobe).

How is it performed?

The intervention, in day hospital or outpatient, has a variable duration depending on the extension of the keloid. Surgical removal under local anesthesia.


Depends on the size of the keloid. Treatment is outpatient dermo-surgery, does not require hospitalization.

Long-term complications

Risk of possible recurrence.

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