Pilonidal sinus surgery

What is it?

Technical difficulty:
Average duration of the intervention:
20 minutes
Average duration of hospitalization:
Day Surgery

When is this procedure indicated?

It is indicated in cases of symptomatic Sinus Pilonidalis, i.e. when Sinus infections or the Sinus fistulises in the skin of the sacro-coccygeal region occur.

How is it performed?

Small incisions are made, maximum 2mm, the sinus pilonidalis cavity is cleaned and then the cavity is treated with radial LASER fiber.


Procedure can be performed in Day Surgery and with rapid resumption of normal work activities, in a few days. It does not require daily medications.

Short-term complications

Surgery for sacro coccygeal fistulas is a routine procedure and complications are rare, especially serious ones, such as bleeding or injury to nearby organs or structures (e.g., anal sphincter, rectum, nerve structures) with serious consequences requiring reoperation and/or blood transfusion.

Less serious complications such as alterations in wound healing or very obvious scarring are frequent, especially in the case of infected fistulas but can be almost completely abated by the use of advanced negative pressure dressings or through minimally invasive surgical techniques such as fiber laser. 

Long-term complications

The most frequent complication is recurrence of Sinus.

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