Musculoskeletal injections

What is it?

Imaging can be used as a guidance to perform minimally invasive therapeutic procedures in the musculoskeletal system. This implies that the radiologist can monitor continuously, through images, very small tools in the body of the patient used to perform minimally invasive procedures. In particular, ultrasound can be used to guide intra-articular injection of therapeutic agents (hyaluronic acid, steroids). 

Technical difficulty:
Average duration of the intervention:
5 minutes
Average duration of hospitalization:
outpatient procedure, no hospitalization required

When is this procedure indicated?

This procedure is indicated in case of degenerative or inflammatory osteoarthritis of all joints.

How is it performed?

The procedure is very easy. The patient is positioned on the bed in the relevant position needed to access the joint. After thorough skin cleaning, ultrasound is used to evaluate the area to inject. Then, a needle of variable length is inserted under continuous ultrasound monitoring to precisely locate its tip inside the joint space and to release the selected substance. 


After the procedure, a plaster is applied on the injected area and the patient is discharged from the hospital. We suggest to avoid intense use of the injected joint for at least two days. 

Short-term complications

As some substances may be dense and distend the joint space, patients may experience mild pain for few days after the procedure. This may be treated with a short course of oral anti-inflammatory drugs. 

Long-term complications


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