Intracavernous drug therapy injections

What is it?

Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy (FIC) consists in the direct administration of drugs inside the corpora cavernosa of the penis through a syringe equipped with a special needle of particularly small size. 

When is this procedure indicated?

Erectile dysfunction, a condition characterized by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection in order to complete sexual intercourse satisfactorily, is the main indication for the administration of intracavernous pharmacotherapy, which represents the second line of therapy after the use of drugs taken orally (phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, 5PDEi). Another indication for the use of FIC is the performance of a dynamic penile echo-color Doppler, in order to induce an erection in an outpatient setting and thus be able to study the flow and penile vascular resistance during the diagnostic process of erectile dysfunction or La Peyronie's disease.

How is it performed?

FIC is performed as needed by the patient (after careful explanation by medical or nursing staff) about 10 minutes before intercourse and is completely painless if properly performed. After thorough disinfection of the skin at the injection site, the drug is injected into the corpora cavernosa using a pre-filled syringe.


Short-term complications

Injection site hematoma, transient local pain.

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