Fixed dental prostheses

What is it?

While having as main goal the health and success in the patients' therapy, the achievement of aesthetic success is not neglected, through the use of the latest generation  materials that do not involve ceramics supported by metal, albeit noble, but by structures with high aesthetic value, such as zirconia with color shades very close to the dentin of the abutment element and able to ensure an excellent aesthetic result even in the case of an unpleasant and unexpected retraction of the gingival tissue.

When is this procedure indicated?

Fixed prosthetic treatment is concerned with the restoration of the individual tooth, but also with the rehabilitation of the entire occlusion. The goal is to restore the tooth in both function and aesthetics. Fixed prosthesis that replaces missing dental elements improves the patient's chewing ability while maintaining the health and integrity of the arches.

How is it performed?

A fixed prosthesis is a prosthetic device permanently attached to residual teeth or implants that replace one or more teeth. The choice of materials and shape of restorations is based on several factors such as destruction of tooth substance, biomechanical, periodontal, and esthetic factors. 

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