CyberKnife SynchronyTM

What is it?

CyberKnife Synchrony is the world's only breath detection and compensation system to synchronize the movement of the radiation beam with the movement of the lesion due to the patient's breath.

Average duration of the intervention:
1-5 sessions
Average duration of hospitalization:

When is this procedure indicated?

Tumors that move during the patient's normal breathing can be treated with extreme accuracy without using invasive and less precise techniques. In particular, this system can be used for the treatment of pulmonary nodules with curative intent as an alternative to surgery.

How is it performed?

The procedure involves a centering CT scan performed in the epiratory and inspiratory phases. Subsequently a simulation is performed during which the equipment records the respiratory movements of the patient and through a complex algorithm "creates" a model corresponding to the respiratory cycle of the patient. This procedure is fundamental to obtain the maximum precision during the delivery of the radiant treatment.


Short-term complications

The possible acute effects, generally of modest entity and duration, are related to the irradiated site and depend on the inflammation generated by the irradiation. Depending on the irradiated site, therapies to prevent these effects are prepared. 

Long-term complications

Possible late effects, generally rare, are related to the irradiated site and are managed during follow-up visits. 

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