Conservative restoration

What is it?

In the field of conservative activity, prosthetic restorations using inlays made of composite resins or polycarbonates are of great interest and allow the recovery of dental elements, especially of the posterior sectors (premolars and molars), even those considerably destroyed by caries processes, without having to resort to traditional prosthetic techniques (encapsulation with gold-resin or ceramic crowns). This type of techniques totally solves the esthetic problem, needing only greater control in the medium to long term.

When is this procedure indicated?

Conservative dentistry is indicated in the prevention and preservation of dental organ integrity, curative treatment and restoration, restoration of lost tissues, and maintenance of dental health.

How is it performed?

After isolating the field with a rubber dam, cleansing of the affected element(s) is performed. Through the use of drills mounted on handpieces, cavity preparation is performed according to the extent of the carious lesion or prosthetic needs. Depending on the need, direct or indirect conservative restoration (inlay) is performed.

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