Cheiloplasty (lip surgery)

What is it?

Cheiloplasty (labiaplasty) is a surgical procedure aimed at increasing or reducing the size of the lips.

Average duration of the intervention:
40 min
Average duration of hospitalization:

When is this procedure indicated?

To enlarge the volume of thin lips, or to reduce the volume of very large lips.


How is it performed?

This is a surgical procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis, with a duration of approximately 40-60 minutes. Generally, it is defined as reductive cheiloplasty, or the reduction of hypertrophic (very voluminous) lips. The scarring outcome is well hidden, it is possible to operate on the upper and lower lip or on only one of them. For lip enlargement it is possible to perform lipofolling, that is to say the grafting of adipose tissue taken from the same patient through a selective minilipoaspiration for example in the abdominal area or from the hips.


Social life and working activities can be resumed after about 1 week avoiding physical efforts.

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