Cervico-facial lifting (total face lift)

What is it?

The face lifting is the procedure that corrects the signs of aging of the face and neck due to the relaxation and descent of soft tissues.

Average duration of the intervention:
2-3 hours
Average duration of hospitalization:
1-2 days

When is this procedure indicated?

Declines in facial volumes, skin laxity and excesses, loss of definition of the facial profile, increased furrows, mal-definition of the zygomatic profile, mandibular profile, mal-definition of the submandibular angle with or without adipocutaneous excess.


How is it performed?

It is a surgical procedure that can be performed under general anesthesia with a variable duration from about 2 to 3 hours. The incision just in front of or at the intra-ear with extension upward to the inside or at the edge of the hair and with extension behind the ear with moderate extension to the scalp. It is possible to perform different techniques to wash the deepest tissue "SMAS" subjectively and obtaining the rise of the tissues restoring volumes and recovery of facial contours with excision of excess skin. In selected cases it is possible through a small incision under the chin to redefine the anterior profile of the neck with plastic of the platysmal bands, re-tensioning the so called "neck cords".



Social life and working activity can be resumed after about 1/2 weeks avoiding physical exertion.

Where do we treat it?

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