Breast reduction

What is it?

This term refers to the reduction in breast volume. The request for such a reduction can be made for pure desire for not having a particularly big breast, or to symmetrize the breast volume of an asymmetrical breast compared to the contralateral one.

Average duration of the intervention:
1-3 hours
Average duration of hospitalization:
1-2 days

When is this procedure indicated?

Reduction mammaplasty is resorted to especially in situation of necessity where particularly big breasts (gigantomastia) create pain to the patient such as backache and neck pain due to the weight of the breasts, as well as irritated skin, and not rarely ulcerated, especially in hot periods at the level of the submammary fold (intertrigo).

How is it performed?

Following a careful clinical evaluation, the ideal volume will be proposed based on the need and desire for the volume a patient wants to restore. In addition to the preoperative examinations that will be indicated to a patient, it is important to perform a mammogram and, if gigantomastia is present, an orthopedic evaluation is also necessary.

Reduction mammaplasty is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 3 hours and all the mammary glandular tissue removed will be sent for histological examination. It is a surgical procedure that can be conducted with different operating techniques and results in a scar all around the areolar border having a vertical extension from the areola to the submammary groove (sometimes resembling a "J") and depending on the cases an additional scar line along the fold described by the submammary groove (similar to an inverted "T" starting from the areola to the submammary groove).


The patient is placed 2 drains that will be removed at most 5-7 days after surgery, but the patient can be discharged as early as the first or second day, even with drainage if she is cooperative to home indications. The moderately elasto-compressive dressing is substituted with a supportive bra (bra without underwire that fastens in front) that must be worn day and night for the first month. Approximately 3 months after surgery, the breast takes on a more harmonious shape and its texture becomes softer.

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