Aesthetic dental prosthesis

What is it?

Modern commodity research and its clinical applications make it possible to achieve aesthetic rehabilitations both in the anterior and posterior sectors of the dental arches.

Since rehabilitation has as its primary goal the improvement of the patient's physical and psychological state of health, the aesthetic side cannot be neglected, which is related to the person's self-esteem and image problem. This very important aspect is taken into primary consideration by us on both natural and implant element rehabilitations. The use of the latest materials and the collaboration between dental technician and dentist, guaranteed by the in-house laboratory, allows results in terms of health and appearance of the gums, tooth shape, color and function, which correspond to the patient's expectations.

When is this procedure indicated?

In dentistry, aesthetics accompanies function in the construction of rehabilitative and curative therapy of oral diseases. An attractive smile and aesthetics are essential features for patient well-being. Aesthetics of the smile is related to the shape, color, and alignment of the anterior teeth, as well as intraoral soft tissues, lips, and facial features.

How is it performed?

Integral ceramics, without metal support, used for the fabrication of crowns and veneers, correct morphological defects and enamel discolorations as well as obviate, with excellent aesthetic and functional results, traumatic lesions of the frontal elements (incisors and canines).

Are you interested in receiving the treatment?

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