What is it?

A mini-abdominoplasty differs from an abdominoplasty and the difference between the two is mainly found in the volume of fat and skin excess to be removed.

Average duration of the intervention:
1.5 hours (miniaddomynoplasty); 2 hours (full addominoplasty)
Average duration of hospitalization:
1-2 days

When is this procedure indicated?

In abdomens with moderate adipose and excessive skin, it is possible to proceed with a mini-abdominoplasty. On the other hand, in more extensive abdomens, an abdominoplasty is performed.

How is it performed?

In case of mini-abdominoplasty the incision is limited in its length and in the suprapubic region, the scar will be hidden in the underwear. Instead, for the abdominoplasty, depending on the adipose and cutaneous excess, the scar can be limited in one direction, always in the suprapubic region, but with a variable length from one iliac crest to the other. If the adipose and cutaneous excess is even greater, it is also necessary to perform an excision from the navel to the supra-pubic region that will result in a vertical scar in addition to the horizontal one, similar to a "T". Depending on the volume to be removed, it may be necessary to reposition the umbilicus, while in the mini-abdominoplasty the umbilicus is not moved, and in the traditional full abdominoplasty the umbilicus is moved. In particular cases, it is necessary to perform plastic surgery on the rectus or transverse muscles of the abdomen, and where there is an important laparocele it is necessary to place a prosthetic abdominal restraint net. Simultaneous to the mini-abdominoplasty or abdominoplasty, selective liposuction can be performed to further decrease the fat thickness of the abdominal wall or to improve the silhouette of the hips.


The patient will have one or more drains that will be removed depending on the condition about 5-7 days after surgery. Sutures, if there are any external ones, will be removed at most 15-20 days later. In addition, the patient will wear a restraining bandage the first month day and night. Depending on the patient's job, he or she will be able to resume work after the sutures have been removed and the surgical wounds have been healed.

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