Global Hospital Rating 2024: the San Raffaele Research Hospital Confirms Its Excellence in The World

Global Hospital Rating 2024: the San Raffaele Research Hospital Confirms Its Excellence in The World

Publication date: 28-02-2024

Updated on: 28-02-2024

Topic: Awards

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The San Raffaele Research Hospital has reaffirmed its status as a hospital of excellence under the Global Hospital Rating 2024, a star rating system presented by the online research platform Statista and Netweek magazine, which aims to recognize excellence in hospital sector.

This high appreciation is the outcome of a survey participated by several global hospitals and gathers not only experts opinions but also the results of surveys related to patient satisfaction and data concerning the quality of hospital services.

Participation and survey goals

Ospedale San Raffaele participated as a multi-disciplinary hospital, along with other facilities of excellence in the world. 

The application consisted in the completion of a questionnaire in which several aspects were analyzed and evaluated in detail by the Statista team in order to provide the public with an overview of the work done at the facility and the contribution that, on a daily basis, medical and non-medical staff and researchers make to the patient (e.g., provision of health care services and attractiveness as an employer). 

In addition to that, our hospital got the opportunity to find out its strengths and identify areas for improvement, while also reinforcing the relationship and enhancing trust with patients and stakeholders.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation used a star rating system from 1 to 5, considering different characteristics. Our facility, which was awarded 4 stars, was examined based on 5 specific categories that comprehensively reflect the yardstick for measuring the quality of a hospital facility. These include:

  • attractiveness to employees;
  • provision of assistance;
  • timeliness of care;
  • information technology in healthcare;
  • patient experience and safety.

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