Scintigraphy of the parathyroid glands

What is it?

It is an examination used to evaluate the functionality of the parathyroids.

This examination is based on the following principle: the malfunctioning tissue of the parathyroids (hyperfunctioning parathyroid tissue) can capture the radioactive tracer differently from the surrounding thyroid glandular tissue.


When is this exam indicated?

In the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism to localize the location of the lesion.

  • hyperparathyroidism

How is it performed?

No preparation is necessary. It is important to provide the nuclear physician with the following parameters: calcemia, phosphoremia, calciuria, phosphaturia, PTH levels. A neck ultrasound is also required. To perform the examination, a needle cannula is inserted into a vein in the arm or hand through which the radiopharmaceutical will be injected to visualize the thyroid. After 20 minutes a solution of water and potassium perchlorate is administered by os and, while the -patient is lying on the diagnostic table, a picture of the thyroid is taken. Subsequently, a second radiopharmaceutical is injected, again using the needle cannula, to acquire images of the parathyroids. The injection is carried out without moving from the gamma camera bed, always remaining still. The procedure takes about 10 minutes. The nuclear physician, after processing the images, evaluates whether to terminate the study or whether it is necessary to acquire additional images.

 Time of stay in the department: about 2-4 hours.


Pregnancy and lactation.

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