ROLL test

What is it?

ROLL (Radioguided Occult Lesion Localization) is a radio-guided centering of a breast lesion by inoculation of radiolabelled particles, for which surgical removal is required.

When is this exam indicated?

In case of non-palpable lesions that require surgical removal. It involves the injection under ultrasound guidance of particles bound to a radioactive isotope inside the lesion to be removed. The use of a probe that detects radiation enables the lesion to be more easily found and completely removed during the surgery.

  • breast cancer
  • suspicious lymph nodes
  • suspicious lesions

How is it performed?

The examination lasts about ten minutes or longer up to an hour in case of lesions which are difficult to visualize with ultrasound. Once the injection is performed, a scintigraphic image is acquired. For the success of the examination it is essential that the patient remains absolutely still. No preparation is necessary.


There are no contraindications.

Where do we treat it?

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