PET / CT for radiotherapy

What is it?

While the CT examination provides the anatomical information related to the area to be irradiated and enables the preparation of the treatment plan, the PET study provides information related to the biological/metabolic characteristics of the disease which, combined with the anatomical CT information, enables the possible modification and adjustment of the neoplastic areas to be exposed to radiotherapy treatment.

When is this exam indicated?

PET/CT centering and definition of the targeted area will be performed for radiotherapy patients. Depending on the organ or area to be treated, it can be performed with or without contrast medium, with standard acquisition or synchronized to the respiratory cycle (PET/CT 4D calibrated) in particular for radiotherapy treatments on liver or lung lesions.  

How is it performed?

PET/CT is acquired by positioning the patient in the same way in which he/she will be positioned during radiation treatment, thanks to the use of customized restraint systems.

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