Valentina Corbo


Dr. Valentina Rita Corbo is an orthopedist in the Department of Foot and Ankle Surgery (U.S.P.eC.) of the IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi.

She graduated from the University of Siena with a score of 110/110 and cum laude and specialized at the University of Milan with a score of 70/70 and cum laude with an experimental thesis on the treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talus treated with amide biological reconstruction.

Subsequently, she interned during the specialization period with various experience in:

  • University of Verona
  • University of Siena
  • University of Milan
  • Rummelsberg Hospital, Germany. A highly specialized hospital, where her mentor was Prof.  Martinus Richter, world-famous foot surgeon.

Dr. Corbo currently works in the Specialized Department of Foot and Ankle Joint (USPeC) of the IRCCS Galeazzi.

In addition to the treatment of the most common pathologies of the foot and ankle in adults and children (valgus deformity of the big toe, rigidity of the big toe, hammer toes/claws, rheumatoid foot, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, cavus, flat feet, acute and chronic lesions of the Achilles tendon, chronic instability of the ankle joint, children's foot), is engaged in the biological reconstruction of osteochondral lesions, regenerative medicine (stem cells from adipose tissue) and the treatment of arthrosis of the ankle joint with the implantation of prostheses.

Her areas of interest include the treatment of foot and ankle pathologies, as well as pediatric foot pathologies, on which she has been a speaker at numerous national and international conferences, published scientific articles and articles for books of interest to orthopedics.

She is a member of several scientific societies, such as:

  • Board of Directors of the Italian Ankle and Foot Society
  • Cartilage Committee of the Scientific Society SIAGASCOT (Italian Society of Arthroscopy, Knee, Upper Limb, Sports, Cartilage, and Orthopaedic Technologies).
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