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Dr. Ugo Elmore is the Director of the Strategic Program for Oncological and Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Digestive System and Peritoneum in the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery of the IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele under the supervision of Professor Riccardo Rosati. He is also Associate Professor of Medicine and Surgery and Nursing at Vita Salute San Raffaele University.

Ugo Elmore graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1996 from the Sapienza University of Rome, specialized in general surgery in 2001, and received his PhD in General Surgery and Endocrinology in 2005 from the same institute.

Following his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Elmore spent two important periods abroad in the Department of Laparoscopic Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York and in the Department of Surgical Oncology at the Washington Cancer Institute.

His area of the greatest clinical interest is in surgery of the digestive system, a sector in which he applies new techniques and technologies in minimally invasive surgery. In particular, Dr. Elmore treats pathologies of the esophagus and stomach, hepatobiliary and colorectal pathologies with a minimally invasive approach, as well as a traditional approach, both in neoplasms and in benign or functional diseases. In the context of endocrine surgery, he treats the pathology of the adrenal glands with laparoscopic access. He collaborates with fellow hematologists to stage hemolymphoproliferative diseases and perform laparoscopic splenectomy. He developed and improved combined methods of laparoscopy and endoscopy for the treatment of intravisceral lesions of the digestive tract.

In addition, Ugo Elmore has also developed a surgical day hospital: in this mode of hospitalization, he performs cholecystectomy and laparoscopic abdominal wall repair, as well as laparoscopic abdominal wall plastic surgery under local anesthesia. He has experience in the treatment of proctological pathology with various standard methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse in the mode of day surgery and one-day surgery.

Dr. Elmore's scientific and research activities have always been in the field of pathologies of the upper and lower digestive tract. There are several multicenter trials in which he participates as principal investigator and co-investigator in collaboration with various national and international centers.

He is a member of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES), the European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO), the Italian Society of Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery (SICE), the Italian Society of Surgery (SIC), the Italian Association of Hospital Surgeons (ACOI) and an honorary member of the Córdoba Association of Surgery – Argentina (ACC).

For several years he has been coordinating advanced training courses in advanced laparoscopic surgery dedicated to the training of fellow surgeons from different parts of Italy and Europe. He has more than 58 publications in international journals.

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Sapienza University of Rome,
Degree in Medicine and Surgery, 1996

Sapienza University of Rome,
Specialization in General Surgery, 2001

Sapienza University of Rome,
Doctor of Philosophy in General Surgery and Endocrine Surgery, 2005

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Latest publications

Intraoperative angiography with indocyanine green to assess anastomosis perfusion in patients undergoing laparoscopic colorectal resection: results of a multicenter randomized controlled trial.
Surg Endosc. 2019 Mar 21.
De Nardi P, Elmore U, Maggi G, Maggiore R, Boni L, Cassinotti E, Fumagalli U, Gardani M, De Pascale S, Parise P, Vignali A, Rosati R.
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SICE national survey: current state on the adoption of laparoscopic approach to the treatment of colorectal disease in Italy
Updates Surg. 2019 Mar;71(1):77-81
Elmore U, Vignali A, Rosati R, Valeri A, Silecchia G; SICE colorectal collaborative group
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Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Pathway in Esophagectomy: Is a Reasonable Prediction of Hospital Stay Possible?
Ann Surg. 2018 Apr 18
Parise P, Ferrari C, Cossu A, Puccetti F, Elmore U, De Pascale S, Garutti L, Fumagalli UR, Di Serio MS, Rosati R.
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Number of lymph nodes assessed has no prognostic impact in node-negative rectal cancers after neoadjuvant therapy. Results of the "Italian Society of Surgical Oncology (S.I.C.O.) Colorectal Cancer Network"(SICO-CCN) multicentre collaborative study
Eur J Surg Oncol. 2018 Apr 17.
Degiuli M, Arolfo S, Evangelista A, Lorenzon L, Reddavid R, Staudacher C, De Nardi P, Rosati R, Elmore U, Coco C, Rizzo G, Belluco C, Forlin M, Milone M, De Palma GD, Rega D, Delrio P, Guerrieri M, Ortenzi M, Muratore A, Marsanic P, Restivo A, Deidda S, Zuin M, Pucciarelli S, De Luca R, Persiani R, Biondi A, Roviello F, Marrelli D, Sgroi G, Turati L, Morino M
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Intracorporeal versus Extracorporeal Anastomoses Following Laparoscopic Right Colectomy in Obese Patients: A Case-Matched Study.
Dig Surg. 2018;35(3):236-242.
Vignali A, Elmore U, Lemma M, Guarnieri G, Radaelli G, Rosati R.
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Treatment of Zenker's Diverticulum With Endoscopic Stapled Esophago-divertisculostomy (ESD): Analysis of Long-term Outcome
Surg Laparosc Endosc Percutan Tech. 2017 Dec;27(6):445-448
Mazza M, Bergamini AN, Parise P, Cossu A, Adamenko O, Elmore U, Rosati R.
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Safety and efficacy of laparoscopic wedge gastrectomy for large gastrointestinal stromal tumors.
Eur J Surg Oncol. 2017 Jan 18.
Milone M, Elmore U, Musella M, Parise P, Zotti MC, Bracale U, Di Lauro K, Manigrasso M, Milone F, Rosati R
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Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) pathway vs traditional care in laparoscopic rectal resection: a singlecenter experience
Tech Coloproctol. 2016 Jun 4.
Vignali A, Elmore U, Cossu A, Lemma M, Calì B, de Nardi P, Rosati R.
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Laparoscopic anterior resection with transanal total mesorectal excision for rectal cancer: preliminary experience and impact on postoperative bowel function.
J Laparoendosc Adv Surg Tech A. 2015 May;25(5):364-9.
Elmore U, Fumagalli Romario U, Vignali A, Sosa MF, Angiolini MR, Rosati R.
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Introducing an enhanced recovery after surgery program in colorectal surgery: A single center experience
World J Gastroenterol 2014 December 14; 20(46): 17578-17587
Stefano Bona, Mattia Molteni, Riccardo Rosati, Ugo Elmore, Pietro Bagnoli, Roberta Monzani, Monica Caravaca, Marco Montorsi
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Intracorporeal versus extracorporeal anastomosis. Results from a multicentre comparative study on 512 right-sided colorectal cancers.
Surg Endosc. 2014 Nov 21
Milone M, Elmore U, Di Salvo E, Delrio P, Bucci L, Ferulano GP, Napolitano C, Angiolini MR, Bracale U, Clemente M, D'ambra M, Luglio G, Musella M, Pace U,Rosati R, Milone F.
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Long-term results of minimally invasive surgery for symptomatic epiphrenic diverticulum
Am j Surg 2011 Jan;201(1):132-5
Rosati R, Fumagalli U, ELMORE U, de Pascale S, Massaron S, Peracchia A
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Laparoscopic rectal resection for cancer: effects of conversion on short-term out come and servival
Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2009 February
Matteo Rottoli, Stefano Bona, Riccardo Rosati, UGO ELMORE, Paolo P. Bianchi, Antonino Spinelli, Cristina Bartolucci, Marco Montorsi.
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Laparoscopic Surgery in Rectal Cancer: A Prospective Analysis of Patient Survival and Outcomes.
Dis Colon Rectum, 2007
Paolo Pietro Bianchi, Riccardo Rosati, Stefano Bona, Matteo Rottoli, Ugo Elmore, Chiara Ceriani, Alberto Malesci, Marco Montors
Read more
Analysis of post-surgical pain after inguinal hernia repair: a prospective study of 1,440 operations
Hernia (2007) 11:517–525
S. Massaron, S. Bona, U. Fumagalli, F. Battafarano, Ugo Elmore, R. Rosati
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