Tommaso Savoia

Plastic surgeon


Dr. Tommaso Savoia is a Consultant Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon at Casa di Cura la Madonnina.

After graduating in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan in 1997, he specialized in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the same University in 2002.

Dr. Savoia began his training-work experience in the Department of General Surgery at San Paolo Hospital in Milan (1996-97), continuing over the years with various collaborations with important entities, including, to name a few:

  • U.F. of Plastic Surgery of the Multimedica Polyclinic of S.S. Giovanni (MI)
  • Mammary Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Service of Azienda Ospedaliera di Desio (Azienda di Vimercate)
  • Division of Plastic Surgery and Burn Center of Grande Ospedale Metropolitano di Milano Niguarda, especially for artificial skin research;
  • Division of Plastic Surgery of the National Cancer Institute of Milan;
  • Division of Plastic Surgery of the ASTT Fatebenefratelli - Ophthalmic Hospital in Milan;
  • Maxillofacial Department of the San Paolo University of Milan and its Subunit of Plastic Surgery.

In addition to these, he performed relevant activities abroad at:

  • Department of Plastic Surgery and Centre des Brulès - CHU de Toulouse-Rangueil;
  • Plastic Surgery Department of the Saint Louis Hospital (Paris);
  • Burns Center of the Cochin Hospital (Paris);
  • Ophthalmologic Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Department of the Adolphe de Rotschild Ophthalmology Foundation (Paris);
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department - East Anglian Regional Service, Norwich (U.K.).

Dr. Savoia's major fields of interest are cosmetic and reparative surgery of the breast, with emphasis on both biological and psychological aspects, adapting reconstructive surgery techniques to the principles of aesthetics:

  • ergonomic breast augmentation;
  • malformed tuberous breasts;
  • capsular contracture and mastopexy with permanent removal of implants and cosmetic reconstruction with autologous tissue.

In addition to this, he also deals with:

  • vaser-Lipo and Argon Plasma for Ultrasonic Aspiration and tissue retensioning for body contouring and laxity;
  • lipotransfer or Lipofilling to graft and biorevitalize adipose tissue in sites other than the original one up to Gluteo plastic and Mastoplasty with fat.
  • functional and aesthetic rhinosectoplasty
  • aesthetic oculo-palpebral surgery
  • auricular valgus surgery
  • CO2 laser plastic surgery for cellular skin renewal and removal of neoformations.
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