Pietro Romeo



Dr. Pietro Romeo is an orthopedist in the operating room of the IRCCS Clinica Ortopedica Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi.

In 1984, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Pavia. Subsequently, in 1992, he received a specialization in orthopedics at the University of Milan. 

Dr. Romeo deals with the treatment of tendon and bone pathologies using shock wave therapy and various technologies. He focuses his main interest on tissue regeneration, treating skin ulcers and severe wounds, false joints and bone fracture consolidation disorders, as well as bone metabolism and vascular diseases.

He also works at the Research Center for Biophysical Stimulation of Skeletal Muscle Tissues, where he conducts research in the field of biophysics (shock waves and pulsed magnetic fields) – cell therapies and animal models (zebrafish). He has 14 published articles to his credit.

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