Giacomo Stefani

Orthopedic surgeon


Dr. Giacomo Stefani is the Head of the Operative Unit of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (Section II) at the Brescia City Clinical Institute and SIAGASCOT National Teaching Center for Knee Surgery.

In 1977, he graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan, where he specialized in Orthopedics and Traumatology in 1980. At the same university, he obtained his second specialization in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in 1983.

He has been doing both ligamentous and prosthetic knee surgery with minimally invasive technique since 1986. 

Since 2007, he is a member of the Italian Advisory Board of Depuy, and since 2010, a member of the Mediterranean Board for the study and development of prosthetic systems and teaching of surgical techniques. 

He is a consultant to Smith & Nephew for Arthroscopic and Ligamentous Surgery.

He is a member of the Knee Committee of SIGASCOT (Italian Society of Knee Arthroscopy Sports Cartilage Orthopedic Technologies).

He is a member of the Knee Department of SIA (Italian Society of Arthroscopy).

Dr. Stefani performs more than 300 knee arthroplasty surgeries and 200 ligament reconstructions each year.

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