Edward Callus

Psychologist, psychotherapist


Dr. Edward Callus is the Head of Clinical Psychology at the IRCCS Policlinico San Donato in Milan and a researcher of clinical psychology at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Milan.

He graduated as a psychologist first in Malta and then in Italy, and after some time defended his doctoral thesis in clinical psychology at the University of Bergamo. He specializes in psychotherapy at the Center for the Study of Gestalt Therapy (CSTG) in 2012, having received in 2017 the title of Associate Professor of Psychotherapy at the Italian Federation of Gestalt Schools and Institutes.

At the IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, he coordinates psychological activities in various departments, paying special attention to the psychosocial aspects of caring for patients with congenital and acquired heart defects at various stages of hospitalization. Together with his team, he manages the consulting bureau and psychological training of hospital staff and consultants, promotes the inclusion of a psychologist in a multidisciplinary team for patient care, without neglecting the support of their families. His activities are also aimed at non-hospitalized patients.

Participates in multicenter projects, such as the study of psychological functioning, quality of life and understanding of health in adult patients with congenital heart defects (APPROACH-IS). His scientific works are devoted to the topics of psychology and psychotherapy related to cardiopathic disorders in both adults and children, the need for psychological support in the postoperative period and prevention. His works are published in Pediatric Med Chir, Front Psychol, Cardiol Young and other specialized journals.

He is a founding partner of the Italian Alstrom Syndrome Association (ASSAI), a member of Beating Hearts Malta Malta (BHM), Vice President of the European Association of Congenital Heart Diseases (ECHDO), and a member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Association of Congenital Heart Defects in Adults (AICCA).

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University of Malta
Bachelor's degree in Psychology - 2001

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan
Bachelor's degree in Psychology - 2005

University of Bergamo
Candidate in Clinical Psychology - 2009

Gestalt Therapy Research Center (CTSG)
Diploma in the specialty "psychotherapy" - 2012

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Latest publications

Update on psychological functioning in adults with congenital heart disease: a systematic review
Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther 11, 785-791.
Callus, E., Quadri, E., Ricci, C., Passerini, C., Tovo, A., Pelissero, G., and Chessa, M. (2013).
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Life experiences and coping strategies in adults with congenital heart disease
Pediatr Med Chir (2013) 35, 231-240.
Callus, E., Quadri, E., Compare, A., Tovo, A., Giamberti, A., and Chessa, M.
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Social support, depression, and heart disease: a ten year literature review
Front Psychol (2013) 4, 384.
Compare, A., Zarbo, C., Manzoni, G.M., Castelnuovo, G., Baldassari, E., Bonardi, A., Callus, E., and Romagnoni, C.
Blood pressure control and treatment adherence in hypertensive patients with metabolic syndrome: protocol of a randomized controlled study based on home blood pressure telemonitoring vs. conventional management and assessment of psychological determinants of adherence (TELEBPMET Study).
Trials (2013) 14, 22.
Parati, G., Omboni, S., Compare, A., Grossi, E., Callus, E., Venco, A., Destro, M., Villa, G., Palatini, P., Rosei, E.A., Scalvini, S., Taddei, S., Manfellotto, D., Favale, S., De Matteis, C., Guglielmi, M., Lonati, L., Della Rosa, F., Tosazzi, E., Grandi, A.M., Maresca, A.M., Mongiardi, C., Mare, M., Ricci, A.R., Cagnoni, F., Georgatos, J., Besostri, V., Ferrari, V., Omodeo, O., Dorigatti, F., Bo
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Post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional processing and inappropriate implantable cardioverter-defibrillator shocks: clinical consideration by a single case report
Monaldi Arch Chest Dis (2012) 78, 160-166.
Compare, A., Del Forno, D., Callus, E., Giallauria, F., Vitelli, A., Buccelli, C., and Vigorito, C.
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Timing of pulmonary valve replacement after tetralogy of Fallot repair
Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther (2012) 10, 917-923.
Piazza, L., Chessa, M., Giamberti, A., Bussadori, C.M., Butera, G., Negura, D.G., Micheletti, A., Callus, E., and Carminati, M.
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Mindfulness trait, eating behaviours and body uneasiness: a case-control study of binge eating disorder
Eat Weight Disord (2012) 17, e244-251.
Compare, A., Callus, E., and Grossi, E.
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[Psychosocial difficulties and hospitalisation experiences in adults with congenital heart disease. The utility of psychological interventions].
Pediatr Med Chir (2010) 32, 305-308.
Callus, E., Quadri, E., and Chessa, M.
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Elements of psychocardiology in the psychosocial handling of adults with congenital heart disease
Front Psychol 1, (2010) 34.
Callus, E., Quadri, E., and Chessa, M.
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[The necessity for psychological support during critical moments in pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery].
Pediatr Med Chir (2010) 32, 229.
Callus, E., and Quadri, E.
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