Alessandra Isidori



Dr. Alessandra Isidori is a neurosurgeon in the Department of Neurosurgery of the Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi Clinical Research Institute, where she performs surgeries and outpatient appointments.

She graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome, where she specialized in neurosurgery. Speaking of dates, she received her degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2000 and specialized in neurosurgery in 2005.

During her studies at the university between 1996 and 1997 she spent 3 months in the Department of Neurology at the Free University of Brussels. While studying and working in Belgium, she was involved in research in the field of degenerative neurological diseases.

Studying at the School of Specialization in Neurosurgery in 2004, she spent 6 months at the Vienna private clinic in Austria. During this period, Dr. Isidori improved both in surgical skills and in the field of scientific research of the peripheral nervous system.

Currently, together with other colleagues, she is managing the department, operating unit, performing surgical interventions on the brain and spine.

The doctor’s clinical activities are mainly concerned with:

  • surgery of degenerative lesions of the spine
  • surgery of the peripheral nervous system
  • oncological and traumatic diseases of the brain

In addition to providing daily outpatient appointments, Dr. Isidori has taken over the ambulance and emergency neurosurgical care.

Dr. Isidori also works as a volunteer neurosurgeon at St. Carlo Borromeo Hospital in Onich, Nigeria.

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