Infectious keratitis

What is it?

Infectious keratitis is a potentially sight-threatening infection of the cornea. Different micro-organisms can be involved such as bacteria, fungi, viruses such as Herpes, and protozoans such as acanthamoeba.

Which are the symptoms?

Patients affected by infectious keratitis may present a red eye, blurry vision and pain. Associated risk factors for the development of keratitis are: inappropriate contact lens use, topical steroid medications, trauma, severe dry eye and systemic conditions such as diabetes.

How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis is performed using slit-lamp examination and corneal scraping with microbiological evaluation and culture of the corneal specimens.

How is it treated?

Treatments for infectious keratitis are specific and directed towards the involved pathogen.

Where do we treat it?

Within the San Donato Group, you can find Infectious keratitis specialists at these departments:

Are you interested in receiving the treatment?

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