What is it?

Gynecomastia is characterized by an excess of mammary glandular tissue (true gynecomastia), an excess of adipose and glandular tissue (mixed gynecomastia), and an excessive amount of adipose tissue (false gynecomastia).

Causes and risk factors

It is not due to an overweight situation. Therefore, it does not respond to diet or exercise and can only be corrected through a surgical procedure.

Which are the symptoms?

Enlargement due to increased volume and may be unilateral. Sometimes painful.

  • Bulge due to increased volume
  • Sometimes painful

How is it diagnosed?

Clinically there is tumefaction in cmaschile mammary area, with female breast-like anatomical development. It can be mono or bilateral and through local soft tissue ultrasound it is possible to discriminate a false form (only adipose), true (mammary glandular excess), mixed (both adipose and glandular excess).

Suggested exams

How is it treated?

The gynecomastia surgery consists in the removal of excess fat and glandular tissue in order to give the chest a flatter appearance. It is a surgical procedure that can be performed under general anesthesia and in some cases under local anesthesia with sedation, with duration varying from about 1 to 2 hours. It is possible to model with only liposuction in mild and moderate gynecomastias, in the most severe ones with glandular excess it is possible to perform the removal of the adipose and glandular excess with direct periareolar access with liposuction and combining a mastopexy (exessive skin removal). In those severe forms with important glandular adipose excess and the areola-nipple complex well beyond the submammary sulcus it is possible to reposition the same by releasing it from the primitive anatomical location and repositioning it as a skin graft in the appropriate anatomical site. Social life and work activities can be resumed after about 1-2 weeks avoiding physical efforts.

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Where do we treat it?

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