Common Peroneal Nerve Entrapment

What is it?

The external popliteal nerve runs from the knee to the foot.

The place where this nerve is most commonly compressed is in the knee, at the head of the fibula (the lateral bone of the leg), where the nerve is closest to the surface and only covered by skin.

Nerve compression is often associated with the presence of injuries beginning in the knee joint, or with certain knee positions that some people (e.g., alcoholics, drug addicts) routinely take.

Which are the symptoms?

From a clinical point of view, the patient has severe limitation in walking due to the so-called “dangling foot”, as well as pain in the leg and the foot itself.

How is it diagnosed?

Clinical and electromyographic examination is carried out during diagnosis.

Suggested exams

How is it treated?

Surgical intervention removes the pain, while physical therapy is necessary to improve the situation with nerve damage (“dangling foot” position).

Surgery is performed using spinal anesthesia when the patient is conscious, with an average hospital stay of two days.

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