Improving health services in central Vietnam and at the Hué University of Medicine and Pharmacy


Cooperation years:
Italian Agency for Development Cooperation
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Other partners:
University of Sassari

Project Aim

Support the fight against endemic pathologies, such as the genetic and communicable diseases, that are the main cause of infant mortality; the objective will be achieved through the development of advanced research capacities.

Background of the Project

The initiative is the third phase of the “Carlo Urbani Project”, and it is strengthening the achievement of the previous projects. It wants to grant the sustainability of the reinforced capacities in promoting biomedical research within the scientific international panorama.
The Huè Medicine Faculty has been the beneficiary of the different phases of the project.
In the first phase (2007 – 2009) a high isolation laboratory (BLS-3) was realized in the microbiology department of the Faculty. The training of Vietnamese professionals was done in Italy mainly at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Sassari and the University “Vita e Salute- Ospedale San Raffaele” in Milan. In the second phase an Intensive Care Unit was realized to admit patients with severe respiratory infections. The personnel underwent training, with the involvement of theItalian, Chinese and Canadian Institutions. Now the third phase is continuingwith the aim of reinforcing the capacities of the biomedical departments of Huè College of Medicine and Pharmacy (HCMP), realizing a Master Course and creating an International Institute for Biomedical and Biotechnology Research. The Institute will be an advanced education infrastructure and will boost sustainable scientific research able to produce innovation in technologies. The project donor is MAECI (Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation).

Objectives achieved

Architectural planning and design: advice on the preparation of the offer and the choice of equipment, rendering of the external appearance, etc. of a new Hospital department.

  • Training of 10 junior graduates at master's level, 3 intermediate graduates at doctoral level, and 4 senior medical/biomedical science graduates at specialist level
  • Testing and implementation of distance education programmes, including 5 courses at master's level
  • Connection of bioinformatics laboratory for data exchange and teleconferencing
  • Visit to Vietnam by Italian experts for technical and scientific assistance.