Surgical treatment of ectropion

What is it?

It is possible to correct the ectropion by re-tensioning the eyelid that appears lax, through inverting stitches in the early stages, though it is more recommended to perform the removal of a full-thickness eyelid wedge and excess skin, or through lateral canthoplasty such as "tarsal strip", or using a tab of lower eyelid tissue and lateral eyelid reposition of the same tab at the lateral bone angle thus obtaining the re-tensioning of the eyelid.


Average duration of the intervention:
15-45 min
Average duration of hospitalization:
Day Hospital

When is this procedure indicated?

Esistono diverse indicazioni chirurgiche in base al tipo e allo stadio di ectropion. In ogni caso, si tratta di un intervento che è possibile eseguire in anestesia locale, della durata variabile dai 15 ai 45 minuti nei casi più complessi. 

How is it performed?

In the most initial stages, characterized by only the eversion of the tear duct, it is possible to proceed only with an inverted suture, in order to reposition the correct seat of the tear duct. In senile ectropions, the surgery can be performed in different modalities, however resulting in a single small scar, confined to the eyelid district. Even in scarred ectropions, multiple interventions are recognized based on the case observed, from surgical detention of the scar tissue alone to larger reconstructions of the eyelids. Everything is always performed with the aim of preserving the aesthetics, structure and functionality of the eyelid.


The patient will have a few stitches on the eyelid that remain for 4-5 days. In more complex cases, in the immediate postoperative period, there may be a dressing that forces the eye covered until the next day. The patient will need to take oral antibiotic therapy and eye drops for 6 days after surgery. Normally, no major pain is reported. However, in some cases, the eyelids tend to swell a lot and be bluish for about three to four weeks. To accelerate the resolution of swelling and bruising, specific laser treatments can be performed. The ectropion surgery improves the quality of life of the patient, solving the continuous tearing and burning of the eye, and makes the eyes more aesthetically pleasing.

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