Lipofilling buttocks

What is it?

Lipofilling is a surgical procedure that can be used to enhance the shape of certain body areas (such as buttocks).

Average duration of the intervention:
1-2 hours
Average duration of hospitalization:
Day surgery

When is this procedure indicated?

Deficiency of gluteal conception projection, in flat buttocks with lack of roundness.

How is it performed?

It is a surgical procedure that can be performed under local / spinal / general anesthesia, with a duration varying from about 1 to 2 hours. After taking the necessary amount of adipose tissue, for example from the abdomen or hips, we proceed through a mini-incision to the grafting of the adipose tissue taken in the gluteal area suitable to obtain the neoprojection.


Social life and work activity can be resumed after about 1-2 weeks avoiding physical exertion.

Are you interested in receiving the treatment?

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