Gruppo San Donato expands at European level: majority stake in American Heart Of Poland acquired

Gruppo San Donato expands at European level: majority stake in American Heart Of Poland acquired

Publication date: 09-10-2023

Updated on: 09-10-2023

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Gruppo San Donato, in collaboration with GKSD S.r.l. ("GKSD"), had announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a majority stake in American Heart Of Poland ("AHoP"). AHoP is the leading independent cardiovascular care provider in Europe and one of the top 3 private healthcare providers in Poland with the largest medical rehabilitation and SPA complex.

With this important agreement, Gruppo San Donato, the largest private group in Italian healthcare sector, further strengthens its position as a leader of the European healthcare sector, in line with the strategic goal of supporting its consolidation. 

What the agreement provides

The agreement will give rise to excellence in treatment of cardiovascular disease, helping to improve the quality of healthcare, medical research and education in Europe.

Collaboration between the companies will be deeply synergistic due to the complementarity of their areas of expertise, such as: 

  • expansion of the business model in Poland by leveraging GSD's experience;
  • improvement of the search for highly qualified physicians;
  • collaboration on research and development;
  • access to advanced healthcare education and training;
  • exchange of know-how and best practices;
  • creation of a medical equipment purchasing group.

It will also foster further consolidation both in Poland and in Europe.

Сollaboration between the 3 companies

Paolo Rotelli, President of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and Vice President of Gruppo San Donato, declares: "Development of quality healthcare, advancement of research, and quality education supported by innovation of technology remain the main goals of Gruppo San Donato. Poland is an important economy, and GSD looks forward to expanding and improving the quality of care in the country."

Kamel Ghribi, President of GKSD S.r.l., emphasizes: "The Group's entry into Poland will also enable greater cooperation in other sectors, including energy and infrastructure, which are also a key focus for GKSD, and the partnership between GSD and GKSD in the Group's international expansion is proving increasingly effective."

Adam Szlachta, CEO of AHoP Group, explains: "In recent years, we have replaced all major medical equipment and invested in 2 new general hospitals to bring our asset base to a global level. We are very proud that GSD has appreciated the quality of medical care and will support us in further growth organically and through M&A. GSD is an excellent partner for future investment and brings incredible know-how to improve medical standards in Poland in close cooperation with NFZ. I am fully convinced that the partnership between GSD and AHoP will result in providing Polish citizens with the best healthcare services."

Professor Pawel Buszman, Founder of AHoP, continues: "As the founder of AHoP, which was established in 2000, I am very pleased that our healthcare group is joining the recognized international hospital network of Gruppo San Donato. Moreover, it is important that its further development is supported by the GKSD. Over the past 23 years, we have developed high-quality, integrated cardiovascular services for Polish citizens scattered across the country, supported by cutting-edge scientific research. As part of the new international group, the experience of our staff will help support the further expansion of modern medicine around the world."

Zbigniew Czyż, Founder of AHoP, adds: "I am very proud of the management team and would like to thank all of AHoP's employees and partners for creating such an incredible healthcare reality. We have helped save numerous lives, and I am confident that the future of the group's patients will be even brighter."

Finally, Rafal Sosna, one of the major shareholders, comments: "Through professionalization and innovation, AHoP has become a major player in the Polish healthcare market. I am confident that the partnership with GKSD will only accelerate the company's development path, and I look forward to the future of AHoP."

Gruppo San Donato

GSD is the largest private healthcare group in Italy and the first in Europe for intensive care, medical training and research. With 56 medical centers, world-leading teaching and research hospitals, and an advanced university hub (Vita Salute San Raffaele University, which has as many as 22 master's and doctoral programs), as well as medical research that ranks among the top 10 on a global scale (by health research citations), GSD is the pioneer in gene and cell therapy globally. Gruppo San Donato treats more than 5.4 million patients a year, performing more than 14 million procedures and employing more than 27,000 physicians.


GKSD in Italy manages a diverse portfolio of companies that generate added value for its stakeholders by leveraging its unique expertise, which focuses on several sectors, including real estate, engineering, energy, procurement, and healthcare consulting services.

American Heart Of Poland

AHoP, thanks to its management, has become the leading provider of private healthcare services in Poland, offering high-level medical and rehabilitative care to the public health sector, with organic revenue growth of more than 2.5 times in the past 3 years, reaching about 250 million euros to date. 

The company is planning to accelerate market consolidation to further boost the group's growth: the management's strategy is to further double its operations with investments exceeding PLN 1 billion (about 225 million euros) to provide patients with world-class medical care.

AHoP is recognized for achieving the highest quality standards through a competent and experienced staff. With 77 locations (20 cardiology units, 2 vascular surgery units, 4 rehabilitation units, 22 outpatient clinics, diagnostic and laboratory points) and the support of more than 3,780 quality employees, including 1,200 physicians, the group remains focused on supporting the public health system in Poland. 

AHoP specializes in diseases related to the aging population, with complex treatments ranging from high-level operations to rehabilitation programs and outpatient and diagnostic care. Operating in rural areas, the group is able to provide aid to 78 percent of Poland's population. 

AHoP is a partner and supplier to the Ministry of Health and the National Health Fund, with a main focus on cardiovascular disease, which includes more than 12 percent of the serious cases managed by the company throughout Poland.

GSD and GKSD were supported in the transaction by BNP Paribas (as Sole Financial Advisor), LEK Consulting, Deloitte, GKSD Advisory, and Rymarz Zdort Maruta for legal advice.

AHoP shareholders were supported by PWC (Corporate Finance and Transaction Services) and Clifford Chance, while Dentons provided legal advice to the management.

The transaction is subject to approval by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland.

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