Nasal endoscopy

What is it?

Nasal endoscopy is an outpatient diagnostic examination, which uses rigid or flexible instruments equipped with optical fibers, for an accurate visualization of anatomical structures and nasosinusal pathological processes.

When is this exam indicated?

Nasal endoscopy can be a complementary examination for the vast majority of nasal-sinus disorders. It allows the evaluation of anatomo-functional alterations (deviation of the nasal septum, hypertrophy of the turbinates, adenoidal hypertrophy, choanal atresia), the state of the mucous membranes (edema or hyperemia of the same), the presence of secretions and their characteristics, the presence of benign or malignant neoformations. It can be performed even for newborns, is easily repeatable, and is necessary for an adequate diagnosis, alone or in association with other diagnostic tests.

How is it performed?

Nasal endoscopy is performed in an outpatient facilities. No specific preparation is required. The patient is seated, and is advised to remain relaxed, breathing through the nose and staying completely still.

The duration is variable, usually a few minutes. It is possible to use cottonoids soaked in local anesthetic or vasoconstrictor.


The examination is painless, but requires the collaboration of the patient, who must remain as still as possible.

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