Giuseppe Pizzetti


Dr Giuseppe Pizzetti is responsible for the Dynamic Electrocardiography of the Cardiovascular Risk Management Outpatient Department of the Cardiology Operating Unit directed by Professor Alberto Margonato.

In 1987, he graduates in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan. Then, in 1991, he obtains specialization in Cardiology at the Monzino cardiology center in Milan.

During the first years of his activity, Dr Pizzetti carries out experimental laboratory work in te on the effects of selective drugs on the coronary circulation and clinical studies, including short periods of stay abroad for in-depth courses both in the USA (New Yale University) and Europe (Paris, Madrid, Rotterdam, Padova)

Subsequently, he serves as head of the Coronary Care Unit at Ospedale San Raffaele. After a short period as Chief of Cardiology at Policlinico San Marco (Osio Sotto,BG), since 2016 he returns to Ospedale San Raffaele to develop the Cardiovascular Risk Management outpatient clinic project.

From a clinical point of view, Dr. Pizzetti takes a 360-degree approach to primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention, with particular attention to new drugs, precision therapy and complex situations that require a more comprehensive patient assessment.

Currently, he is the reference consultant for the management and surveillance program of patients with renal failure and/or diabetes with particular attention to kidney/pancreas transplant recipients, a collaborator in the support program for pregnant cardiopathic women, and reference cardiologist for the evaluation of cardiac involvement in autoimmune diseases such as SLE.

Further aspects of clinical interest include risk management in complex situations such as cardiotoxicity from chemotherapies, hemorrhagic risk in new anticoagulant therapies, development of new approaches in resistant hypertension and in the control of dyslipidemia both in primary and secondary prevention.

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University of Milan

Degree in Medicine and Surgery – 1987

University of Milan

Specialization in Cardiology – 1991

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He is an author and co-author of 23 publications in peer-reviewed journals. His H index is 6.

Latest publications

La labile correlazione tra stenosi coronarica e miocardio a rischio.
Cardiologia 1990 , 20-234 ed.Librex Milano
S.L.Chierchia, G.Pizzetti , A.Margonato
Sodium Nitroprusside and inhibition of coronary vasoconstriction in isolated hearts of guinea pigs.
Cardiologia 1990 oct 35(10) 809-14
G.Pizzetti Carandente O Pssoni A Ferrario A Chierchia
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An aneurism of the interatrial septum and cerebral embolic events: a clinical case and review of the literature.
G.ital Cardiol 1993 sept 23(9) 915-20
Belotti G Fragasso G Pizzetti G Chierchia
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