Emiliano Boldi


Doctor Emiliano Boldi is a caediologist, head of the Interventional Hemodynamics Service at Istituto Clinico San Rocco.

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Brescia in 1995, where in 1999 he obtained the specialization in Cardiology.

From May 2000 to October 2001, he is Medical Director of I level, U.O. of Cardiology at Spedali Civili of Brescia, where he carries out care activities in the Department, diagnostic and interventional activities in the Laboratory of Hemodynamics and cardiological active guard.

From January 2002 to July 2002, he is the Head of the Cardiology Department of Ospedale Sant’Orsola - Fatebenefratelli, Brescia. Here, he also starts the activity of the Hemodynamics Laboratory, and then continues this work as an external consultant until 2006.

From July 2002 to December 2019, he is Assistant Head of the Hemodynamics Service at the Istituto Clinico San Rocco, and in January 2020, he becomes the Head of the Service.

In these years, he also carries out freelance collaboration for the activity of Hemodynamics at the Istituto Clinico Sant'Anna in Brescia, especially for the closure of inter-atrial defects/PFO.

Dr. Boldi carries out diagnostic, interventional and structural activities in the Hemodynamics Laboratory (including on-call shifts for the treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome - PRIMARY PTCA)

He is also an active guard (cardiology) for the Emergency Department (DEA) and Coronary Intensive Care Unit (CICU).

He carries out clinical activities in the Department of Cardiology / CICU and outpatient activities.

He is an active participant of the heart team for the evaluation of patients to be submitted to percutaneous aortic valve replacement and has performed about 100 TAVIs of which 50 as first operator.

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