Gruppo San Donato

Being the № 1 hospital group in the country, Gruppo San Donato is a pioneer in multiple research fields, with outstanding clinical programs and academic excellences. GSD provides diagnosis and treatment in all recognised medical fields that you would expect from a world-class healthcare system.

According to Bloomberg’s 2019 Indexes, Italy is recognized as the 2nd healthiest country in the world, having the 4th most efficient healthcare system globally.The country’s efficient national healthcare system, strong focus on healthy eating habits, combined with prevention, promote and ensure longevity for its citizens. Besides being a front-runner in the European healthcare arena, Italy offers excellent hospitality standards and a multitude of tourist attractions.

With 44 different locations around Italy, GSD's network consists of: 3 research hospitals, 16 general hospitals, 7 outpatient clinics, 11 Smart clinics and more. Our facilities have a capacity of more than 5000 beds and treat more than 4.7 million patients each year. Our profile and our brand are the symbol of Italian Healthcare excellence.

Gruppo San Donato’s model puts the patient's well-being at the centre of attention. A person’s cultural heritage, sentiments and experiences make up a complex entity that we consider as a whole. Hence, the unique model Gruppo San Donato applies to its private university, the Vita-Salute San Raffaele, which integrates the Faculties of Medicine, Philosophy and Psychology in order to give future physicians a global vision of the individual.