Cardiac Surgery

Ospedale San Raffaele

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  • Valvulopathies surgery
  • Coronary surgery
  • Aortic aneurysms surgery
  • Cardiac arrhythmias surgery
  • Non-transplant surgery for heart failure
  • Transcatheter heart valves therapies
  • Adult congenital cardiopathies surgery
  • Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy surgery
  • Thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension surgery


  • 1.400 cardiac surgery procedures
    • 500 mitral valve repair procedures

The Cardiac Surgery Unit of Ospedale San Raffaele performs approximately 1.400 cardiac surgery procedures each year, covering the widest spectrum of heart pathologies. The Unit is the centre of national and international reference for the surgical repair of the mitral valve, for the atrial fibrillations, and for heart failure surgeries. It is also a national reference centre for the beating heart coronary surgery. Minimally invasive surgical techniques are performed with optimal technological support, including robotic. Multidisciplinary consultations within the Cardio-Thoracic-Vascular area are available in collaboration with other units of Ospedale San Raffaele. A notable Division of Cardiac Surgery of Advanced and Research Therapies carries out its activity within the Cardiac Surgery Unit and is headed by Professor Michele De Bonis. Clinical and translational research is an essential element for a cutting-edge centre, that considers "patient-centred care" as its guiding principle, in order to identify and propose, in a multidisciplinary setting, the most suitable solution for the individual patient.



Cardiac valves pathologies

Cardiac valves pathologies are treated surgically with the best devices available and the most effective surgical techniques, some of which were developed by the Unit itself (Edge-to-edge for mitral valve repair, Clover technique for tricuspid valve repair).
San Raffaele’s Cardiac Surgery Unit is a national and international centre of reference for mitral valve repair, performing about 500 interventions each year, and is involved in the preparation of the European guidelines for the treatment of heart valve disease.
Cutting-edge transcatheter and minimally invasive techniques are available for high-risk patients, in order to treat mitral, aortic and tricuspid valve diseases.

Top Procedures:

  • Mitral, Aortic and Tricuspid valve repair
  • Transcatheter and minimally invasive treatment of valve diseases

Heart failure treatment

The Unit performs non-transplant surgery of heart failure. Left ventricle remodelling, functional mitral valve regurgitation treatment, resynchronization therapy and coronary artery bypass graft can be performed in order to restore the heart function. Terminal heart failure is treated with the implant of ventricular assist devices (VAD).

Thoracic ascending aorta and arch aneurysms can be treated with multidisciplinary approaches, which prove themselves to be the most efficient (Plication, replacement, Bentall, Evita).

Top Procedures:

  • Non-Transplant Surgery of heart failure
  • Ventricle remodelling
  • Valve regurgitation treatment
  • Resynchronization therapy
  • VAD Implantation

Surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation

All forms of atrial fibrillation can be treated with the surgical ablation procedures, which involves the creation of sets of controlled insulating lesions in order to correctly redirect the cardiac electric signal. Bipolar radiofrequency is the main energy source used to perform these schemes, other sources may be used when appropriate (monopolar radiofrequency, cryoablation). The San Raffaele’s Cardiac Surgery Unit is a national and international centre of reference for the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation.

Top Procedures:

  • Surgical ablation



  • One fully equipped hybrid operative room for open heart surgery and transcatheter interventions
  • Two Storz endoscope video systems for minimally invasive interventions
  • One GE Vivid E95 4D echo machine

Available surgical devices:

  • MitraClip transcatheter system for mitral valve repair
  • MitraClip transcatheter system for tricuspid valve repair (experimental)
  • Tiara transapical system for mitral valve replacement (experimental)
  • Tendyne transapical system for mitral valve replacement (experimental)
  • Cardiovalve transcatheter system for mitral valve replacement (experimental)
  • Perceval sutureless aortic valve prosthesis
  • Cobra Fusion catheter for surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation
  • E-vita hybrid stent graft for aorta replacement