Marco Diani



Dr. Marco Diani is a surgeon, specialist in dermatology and venereology in the Dermatology Service at the IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi. 

In 2011, he graduated with honors from the Medical and Surgical Faculty of the University of Milan, where in 2017 he also received a specialization in dermatology and venereology with honors.

He visits the main hospitals of the University of Milan, where he undergoes medical training and receives specialization in dermatology. 

After Milan, he received a specialization in Paris at the Ospedale Saint-Louis, one of the world's reference centers of dermatology. His main experience is always associated with a combination of clinical activities with research, especially in the field of immunology.

Currently, he carries out clinical activities in the field of general, immunological, oncological (melanoma and skin carcinoma) and surgical dermatology.

Engaged in:

  • general dermatology,
  • dermatological surgery,
  • dermatological oncology,
  • sexually transmitted diseases,
  • skin immunopathology.

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