Gianluigi Fabbriciani



Dr. Gianluigi Fabbriciani is a rheumatologist at the Rheumatology Department of the IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi. 

In 2002, he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Perugia, where he qualified as a surgeon in 2003, and then, in 2007, specialized in internal diseases.

He is the author of 21 publications in national and international journals indexed in PubMed.

Throughout his career, he was mainly interested in osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteomalacia, Paget's disease, algodystrophy, rare osteopathies, primary hyperparathyroidism, hypercalciuria, chronic hypophosphoremia, rheumatic polymyalgia, spondylo-enteroarthritis, systemic autoimmune diseases, gout and fibromyalgia syndrome.

Dr. Fabbriciani is a member of several scientific societies, including:

  • Italian Society of Rheumatology (SIR),
  • Italian Society of Osteoporosis, Skeletal Diseases and Metabolism (SIOMMMS).

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