Pietro Mortini


The Gamma Unit Service is part of the Neurosurgery department and is dedicated to the treatment of patients with a specific radiosurgery equipment called “Gamma Knife”.

Gamma Knife is a type of stereotactic radio treatment for minimally invasive treatment of tumors, vascular malformations and trigeminal neuralgia, which allows to treat very small lesions with gamma rays in high doses, in a very precise way preserving the surrounding cerebral structures.
The available equipment enables us to obtain very precise performances with very effective results.

From 1994 to present time: 8297 operations with Gamma Knife.
Italian record for the multimode treatment of intracranial neoplasms with Gamma Knife as one and only treatment or in combination with microsurgery.

The general characteristics of a lesion treatable with Gamma Knife are its dimensions, which must be less than 2.5-3 cm of maximum diameter, deeply located near critical cerebral structures, which do not allow surgical removal without further complications. The extreme precision of the ray allows to treat the lesion preserving the surrounding cerebral structures.
Gamma Knife radio surgery can be an alternative or in addition to open microsurgery, according to the type of pathology and health conditions of the patient.