The National Institute for the treatment of Obesity is a highly specialized centre where a multidisciplinary team of physicians, technical staff and nurses offer to the patient the most accurate and customized path.

The team comprises over 40 members, each with his or her competence, covering:

  • Surgical area
  • Nutritional and metabolic area
  • Psychiatric and psychological area
  • Plastic surgery


All operations are performed with videolaparoscopic minimally invasive technique. This technique offers better aesthetic results and decreased post-surgery pain. In case of significant weight loss functional plastic surgery may also be a useful solution.

The National Institute for the treatment of Obesity (INCO) is the national point of reference for the diagnosis, hospitalization and multi-disciplinary treatment of obesity, following a patient-oriented approach.

The Institute is directed by Dr. Alessandro Giovanelli, one of the most active, and experienced physicians in Italy, in the obesity treatment field. At the present time, INCO has in charge over 6000 operated patients, mainly women between 26-35 years old with an average BMI of 41.3. In the last years, we have noticed an increase of cases: we have gone from 350 operations in 2011 to over 750 in 2014, with a forecast of approximately 1000 in 2015.

The Institute avails itself of a multi-disciplinary team comprising all the required professional skills for an effective treatment of a multifactorial disease like obesity. The areas cover all the diagnostic and therapeutic pathway of an obese patient: medical assistance area, diet-metabolic area, psychiatric and psychological area, respiratory and motion rehab, plastic surgery.

The Patient Manager guarantees a continuity and assistance throughout the treatment, while the Case Manager, a dedicated nurse, is the proof of the distinctive approach toward bariatric patients. INCO is structured according to a Hub&Spoke model with two operative locations: ICSA (Istituto Clinico Sant’Ambrogio), PSP (Policlinico San Pietro) and 21 satellite, day-hospital and poly-specialized centres, located in different Italian regions, where local specialized physicians cooperate with the INCO team, guaranteeing medical and logistic assistance  to the patient, close to their homes.              

The treatment path for obesity is completed at the Policlinico San Pietro by the presence of the Eating Disorder Centre (nutritional rehab) and Plastic Surgery Unit (Post Bariatric Surgery) at Sant’Ambrogio Institute.


Alessandro Giovanelli

Years of experience: 25

Istituto Clinico Sant'Ambrogio; Policlinico San Pietro

One of the most important and qualified Italian surgeons, specialized in obesity surgery.
Master in upper GI surgery and digestive surgical endoscopy at Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy (1995).

Stage in Minimally invasive surgery and surgery training in Robotic Surgery, University of Illinois - General and Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery Dep– Chicago – USA - , Chicago, USA (2009).

Publication of 65 articles on national and international journals.
Participation at Metabolic Diseases Studies in cooperation with Università degli Studi di Pavia and Università degli Studi di Milano.
Participation at national and international conferences as speaker and as moderator Member of the scientific committee of the XV and XXIII National SICOB Conference.


Stefano Olmi

Years of experience: 20

Head of Department of General and Oncologic Surgery – Centre of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery – Centre of Laparoscopic and Mini-invasive Surgery

Approximately 800/year

The main type of operations include:

  • Sleeve gastrectomy: 500 operations/year
  • Mini- by pass: 100 operations/year
  • Gastric bands: 50 operation/year
  • Gastric vertical plication: 50 operations/year
  • Re-do surgery: 80 operations/year.

The Centre of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery has recently been recognized as a National Center of Excellence with regard to care and surgical treatment of obesity, with almost 700 procedures performed each year, most of them with laparoscopic approach.

Beside bariatric surgery, in Department of Surgery takes place every year over two thousand surgical procedures, more than 90% with laparoscopic approach. The Department, in particular, is European benchmark for the pathology of the abdominal wall (inguinal and incisional hernia repair) with one of the most important international case studies; is a center of excellence with regard to the laparoscopic treatment of colorectal disease, esophageal-gastric disease and pancreatic disease. Every year it also organizes training courses that attract surgeons from Italy and abroad who have the option of following interventions in the operating room and learn surgical techniques performed.

One of the most important and qualified Italian surgeons specialized in laparoscopic surgery. He performed as the First operator over 5000 laparoscopic and laparotomy procedures, including more than 500 laparoscopic colorectal resections, 150 laparoscopic gastric resections for malignancy, about 800 interventions for morbid obesity and 250 laparoscopic procedures for achalasia, hiatal hernia and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

He performs traditional surgery, laparoscopic and robotic with particular interest and specialization:

  • surgery for obesity and metabolic diseases
  • in oncology (esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum, pancreas, liver and adrenal gland)
  • functional esophageal diseases (GERD, achalasia)
  • surgery of the abdominal wall (hernia and incisional)
  • laparoscopic surgery.

In minimally invasive surgery, he applied and continuously developed new surgical techniques for colorectal resection, both for cancer and for complicated diverticular disease, in neoplastic disease of the stomach, in the pathology of the joint esophageal-gastric (hiatus hernia, reflux and gastroesophageal achalasia), in obesity surgery and in laparoscopic inguinal, femoral or incisional hernia repair.


  • Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery
  • Tumor Immunology; translational research, surgical oncology, imunoterapia neoadjuvant and / or adjuvant surgery
  • Development of Laparoscopic Technologies and Devices.


  • Since 1997: Faculty member of European Faculty of Surgeons, European Surgical Istitute, Hamburg (Germany)
  • Since 1998: Coordinator and tutor  in advanced laparoscopic surgery, Aesculapium, Tuttlingen (Germany)
  • Since 2010: Coordinator and tutor of national ACOI courses in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Policlinico San Marco / University of Milan.


  • Member, SICOB -Italian Society of Obesity Surgery
  • Executive Board, European Hernia Society Italian Chapter
  • Member, Italian Society of Surgery Italian
  • Member, Italian Association of Hospital Surgeons
  • Member, European Association of Endoscopic Surgery
  • Member, International Gastro Surgical Club
  • Member, Society Multi-specialty of Young Surgeons.


  • Publication of 70 articles on national and international journals and seven books and seven chapter of books
  • Participation at national and international conferences as speaker and as moderator.